499,00 kr

MacBook Cover with pressure sensitive adhesive

This MacBook Cover is made from high quality real rosewood with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Just peel the backing paper and customize the cover to your MacBook.

The product contains:

  • MacBook Cover of real rosewood
  • A cut out of the Apple logo
  • Engraving of "wooden" 

The product is treated with laser, shredded and handcrafted down to the smallest detail. In addition the wood is treated with a natural danish oil. The slots in the corners is fitted about the curves of each MacBook model. Please note that the MacBook Pro 13'' and MacBook Pro 15'' (older than Retina versions) have fine kerf cuts (thin vertical lines) along the left and right edges of these two models.

Help for installment of the MacBook Cover, click here.

Before you order, please double check that you order the right size E.g. is MacBook Pro 13'' different from MacBook 13'' Retina.

Because of the nature of the wood and the variation of grain, each MacBook Cover can be completely unique and may vary from the picture.

MacBook cover fits the MacBook models:

  • MacBook Pro 13'' Pro
  • MacBook Pro 15'' Pro
  • MacBook Air 13''
  • MacBook 13'' Retina
  • MacBook 15'' Retina
  • MacBook Air 11''
  • MacBook 12'' 

* MacBook not included.

* MacBook keyboard not included.